Learn From Someone Who Walks Her Talk

This Unique Program is Designed By Empowerment Coach, Author & Speaker Ashley Cooper.

Ashley has gone from years of struggling with depression & suicidal ideology to honouring her life’s mission helping others uncover their divine purpose. She is a certified Ashtanga and restorative Yoga instructor, Reiki master and healer and is the co-founder of a Global charity movement bringing kids together from around the world. %100 of the proceeds raised through ABC Charity are donated to help kids in need.

Her biggest breakthrough came from a 21 day vow of silence she did at the end of a year long journey following her soul through South East Asia and Australia. During this vow of silence she went from a complete nervous breakdown to a spiritual breakthrough, and has committed herself to helping others find that same freedom.

Ashley’s open & honest approach to all things healing, provides a safe environment for anyone willing to let go of their story and do the inner work.